Onyx is a non‐conflict of interest environmental firm. We don’t abate. If the results are positive it isn’t because we want to perform the abatement project. Our results are true and accurate. Performed without bias. We operate 24 hours a day. We utilize the fastest means possible to obtain results. In many cases we have results back from the lab the same day. This saves on mitigation dollars and expedites completion of the loss.

Science and Savings.

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Mold Inspections

Asbestos Sampling

Lead Testing


Residential or Commercial

Onyx’s AHERA trained, State Licensed Building Inspectors are experienced mitigation/restoration specialists who know what to look for when they arrive at insurance loss. Our fully trained building inspectors test only what is needed for mitigation/restoration to proceed safely and within all compliance regulations. We do understand what products need to be disturbed during the restoration process. Relying upon our restoration training and best practice thinking we will inspect and  sample all areas associated with the loss accordingly. These practices save you money by reducing sampling that might not be necessary and eliminates the need for costly return trips.

Safety and Savings.